Bama-Q is a tv show that follows food sport competitions

Bama-Q is a tv show dedicated to the world of ‘Food Sport”. In their first four years, the crew covered BBQ competitions all over the Southeastern US. Along the way, their family of Pitmasters, chefs, and personalities served up great BBQ, side dishes, and cooking tips for folks to try at home. Beginning in 2021, Bama-Q along with Alabama Coasting joined the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and created the Bama-Q Grilling Challenge Series. Eight cook-offs set across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle will feature SCA competitions and be broadcast across the Bama-Q TV network of independent channels, streaming services, and digital programs. Additionally, “Cooking with Bama-Q” presents cooking demonstrations with grilling experts and celebrity guests in both digital and live video formats. Partnership opportunities include series sponsorships, brand placement, pre-produced commercials, on-site promotion in the event series…

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