Beer Pressure

Rob Nelson & Stanley

Rob Nelson created Beer Pressure BBQ about 5 years ago in Huntsville, AL with a trip to a local warehouse and a purchase of a pellet smoker.  Fast forward to today and Beer Pressure BBQ is one of the premiere Backyard BBQ teams in the state. Beer Pressure BBQ has won numerous top 10 finishes and multiple Grand and Reserve Grand Championships including The World Championship BBQ Contest in Lynchburg, TN in 2014.

After retiring from a 30-year career in law enforcement, Rob and his loyal companion Stanley (Great Dane) continue to turn heads at BBQ competitions. Rob is also a DJ and can be seen on most Friday nights at BBQ competitions hosting Karaoke for the cook teams, friends and family members on scene.

Beer Pressure BBQ is privileged and honored to be a part of the Bama-Q TV series and to be part of such a great BBQ family. Rob welcomes everyone who attends a contest where they are competing to drop by and say hello. “Let’s be friends…not strangers!!”


Russ Allen & Amy Beck

I’m Russ Allen, my teammate is Amy Beck and together we are Redbones Competition BBQ. We’re from Florence, Alabama. We’ve been competing since 2018. Amy’s 3 kids and my 3 kids were all into sports. At one time, we traveled all over the South attending football, baseball, softball, and basketball games. When most of the kids moved on…we found we had a void in our lives. We decided “hey let’s try this competition BBQ thing.”  I’ve been cooking, grilling and smoking for as long as I can remember. In 2015 I started practicing (competition style), sampling and trying just about every rub and sauce on the market. We joined KCBS and the ABA. On April 28, 2018, we competed in our first competition in Florence at the “Smoke on the Water” festival. We finished with 3 respectable places in each meat category and 12th overall out of 52 of the best backyard teams around. To say we were “hooked” would be an understatement. We loaded up an old smoker and a pop-up tent and hit the road the next weekend. We absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and most of all the people.

We went on to compete in 15 straight competitions without missing one. We were also fortunate enough to finish 5th in the state in the run for the “Team of the Year” for 2018.  Some of our highlights from 2018 out of 16 competitions are:

4-Reserve Grands
12- top 10 overall finishes
9- top 5 overall finishes

We want to encourage anyone out there, if you’ve ever thought about competing, load up that cooker or whatever you’ve got, find the next competition in your area and go!! We’ll see you there. You won’t regret it!!

Hickory Hangover

Brian Walker, Jay Honea, & Greg Walker

Hickory Hangover competed in our first competition in 2009, which was our hometown event- Whistlestop in Huntsville, AL.
Initially, we were just a bunch of friends that liked to BBQ and drink a few beers. We always looked forward to getting together and competing once a year at Whistlestop. The original team lineup went through several changes over the years, as several team members moved away and grew their families. This prevented them from participating in our annual BBQ shenanigans. Today, the primary members of Hickory Hangover are Brian Walker, Jay Honea, and Greg Walker. Every once in a while, the whole crew is able to make it to a competition. Sadly that’s only about once per year.

In 2018 we discovered the Alabama BBQ Association and decided to cook in a few of the competitions. We were blown away with the BBQ culture, and decided to compete in as many events as our schedules would allow in 2019. We cooked in 13 events, finishing in the top 5 eight times. Competition highlights include 2 Reserve Grand Champion finishes and 5 different first place category finishes. Hickory Hangover finished 6th in the Alabama BBQ Association’s season-long points race in 2019. We are proud of the results of our first full season, and hope to improve in 2020!

If you have the opportunity to attend a BBQ competition, we strongly encourage you to do it. You’ll truly appreciate the sights, smells, and culture… there’s nothing else like it! If you make it out and see Hickory Hangover, come by and say hi! See you on the BBQ trail!

Sneaky Creek BBQ

Tim Bartley

Being an underdog is something that runs in my blood, literally. As a Tribal Member of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, our people are known to be socio-economically disadvantaged with legacy challenges. However, this has not stopped me, and only motivates me more as we embark in the 2020 competition BBQ season. Following the Alabama BBQ Associations announcement of sanctioned BBQ competitions around the Southeast, we are eager to see what accomplishments lie in store for the team this year.

Sneaky Creek BBQ has been very successful since creating the Team in 2016, so in fact, we are true “Backyard Rookies” in comparison to such reputable Teams out there in the circuit. Though we are new, we have been very blessed in winning multiple Grand Championships, multiple Reserve Grand Championships, and many first place finishes in each meat category thus far. Sneaky Creek BBQ was also fortunate enough to earn the privilege in competing at 2 of the most prestigious events in competition BBQ; the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship in Lynchburg, TN, and the World Food Championship in Dallas, TX. The practice, passion for the sport, and hard work certainly payed off as we finished in the top 5 at both World Championship Events.

As we initially created our Team and entered this circuit for the love of fellowship and in remembrance of family members gone on before us, I am truly blessed beyond measure to spend time with family and friends doing something I love to do in such a fast paced world we live in today. We are very grateful to be a small part of the Bama-Q Team, and have made a lot of great friendships while competing in BBQ competitions. For Sneaky Creek BBQ, we have already won before the competition even starts, because we are afforded this unique opportunity to carry-on such a historic BBQ tradition. Stop by, pull up a chair, tell us some stories, and have a bite! God bless.